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Sunglasses have not only block the sun tool, also plays another role -- decoration. For those who have a strong desire for self-expression of the people, sunglasses is promoted as a "fashion statement" and individualistic expression.
Early OAKLEY launched multipurpose Sunglasses series, for love skiing, windsurfing, running and other sports persons. In recent years the launch of clothing and sports shoes series, popular American.cheap oakleys About two years ago the popular in Hongkong X Game, the famous sports brand was first introduced in the domestic and become a sought after objects all the sports game player, is the first to enter the mainland. Although it is priced at 1000 yuan to 3000 yuan, catching up with the price of GUCCI, Chanel, Dior classic fashion brands of similar products, but due to the OAKLEY image in the sports and leisure range, therefore the world famous athletes to use OAKLEY products to protect their eyes proud.oakley outlet
OAKLEY international leading position in addition to its streamlined beautiful appearance, there is the motion function. As a sports brand, its main products include ski goggles, motocross goggles, golf series, leisure series and special series 5 categories, in addition to the hats, T-Shirts, handbags and other peripheral products. Because the OAKLEY lens is used PLUTONITE materials manufacturing, in addition to 100% UV blocking and harmful to the vision of the Blu ray, articulation is beyond American ANSI industrial standard.cheap oakley sunglasses In addition, the anti-collision function were tested with 12 mm caliber shotgun. The different colors have different reflection coating, can be transmitted 7%96% light, with different needs. OAKLEY to further explore the degree of sunglasses market, will also be high quality motion frames with developed their own shatterproof lenses that degree of Prescription Program2001 series, except in accordance with the facial tailor-made and long time to maintain a comfortable temperature, but also protect the eyes security role, may also be due to replace sun glasses.

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