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SPORT Series
12-27 ft
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38-45 FT
Catalina employs two types of sub-sole structural systems, each specially suited to the hull design, keel and rigging loads. Both systems are designed for long-term durability and strength. Because wood is subject to rot and deterioration, it is not used in the structural system of any Catalina or Morgan yacht.

A. The Laminated In-Place Grid System

Catalina models 250MKII through the 320MKII

aThis system uses four major fiberglass molded components: the deck, deck liner, hull liner and hull with an integral grid structure laminated as part of the hull. This system employs high-density urethane foam, fiberglass-infused transverse and longitudinal structural members that are heavily fiber-glassed to the hull with multiple laminates while the hull is still in the hull mold.

The grid becomes an integral part of the hull and distributes the mast, rigging and keel loads to the hull. These structural members will not absorb water or deteriorate over time.

B. The One-Piece Pre-Molded Grid

Catalina models 350MKII through the 470

aThe grid is an engineered structure that is hand-laminated in a separate mold, using biaxial, unidirectional and non-woven fiberglass for strength and stiffness without excess weight. This one-piece structure is then bonded into the hull while the hull is in the mold. This type of grid structure is employed when the grid is more complex and bears the additional loads of tank supports and engine mounts.

The grid structure is never compromised by the need to accommodate interior furniture, as this is the function of the hull liner, a separate molded part. Separating the structure from the accommodation allows each part to be designed without compromise for its intended function. This is a benefit of Catalina's unique five-piece construction system.

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Understanding Needs and Dreams

Catalina listens to active owners and sailors to build boats that reflect the collectivte wisdom and experience of thousands of cruises and sea miles. Catalina's design is evolutionary, building on the success of previous models by incorporating many favorite, proven features.

Catalina builds honest, sturdy boats that hold up in the real world. This means more sailing pleasure, less maintenance and excellent resale value for owners.

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