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Since 1969, we've dedicated ourselves to building boats using traditional craftsmanship in modern manufacturing facilities using state-of-the-art technology. With a history of boat building now spanning nearly five decades, Catalina has manufactured some 75,000 vessels. Until 1984, everything was done in Woodland Hills, California when we acquired Morgan Yachts in Largo, Florida.

Every Catalina model is built in Florida now, a consolidation that's been in the works for some time. In fact, all new Catalinas designed and built in the past ten years were built in Florida.

In an effort to strengthen our manufacturing base as we complete this long term strategy, we've invested millions in expanding the Florida plant, creating over 90,000 square feet of new production facilities, for a total of 275,000 square feet that includes eight buildings spanning 26.5 acres. This growth is an expression of our core belief in the sailboat market. The Largo, Florida plant is one of, if not the largest sailboat production facilities in America.

And, since some 70 percent of our customers live east of the Rocky Mountains, aligning ourselves exclusively with the east coast plant provides more competitive pricing to both domestic and European sailors, saving our owners thousands in shipping and freight costs.

Our expansion to Florida not only gives us the second, well-known Morgan brand but also provides a more viable location and friendlier manufacturing environment to build the increasingly popular larger Catalina models while developing new designs.

Back in 1974, cornfields surrounded the Catalina plant in California. Today it is a well-developed suburban community. Once the center of production boatbuilding, Southern California was home to many boatbuilding greats that were competitive forces but have since closed their doors. The closing of the Woodland Hills operation signals the real and symbolic end of a grand era in California boatbuilding.

To date, we've built nearly 16,000 Catalina 22s, including the 22 Sport version and the 22 Mark II, both of which remain in production; at one stage, five 22s a day went out the door. We followed up quickly with the Catalina 27 and then the 30, the combined runs for which ultimately produced another 13,000 models sold.

We weren't just amassing huge numbers here; we were redefining how the game was played. First, nearly everything was done under the same roof at Woodland Hills, where Frank moved the company from North Hollywood in 1974. Catalina has its own sail loft, makes its own cushions and even pours its own lead keels. To date, a combined production of nearly 80,000 Catalina, Capri and Morgan models have been built.

With the major move and expansion to the Florida plant, that figure will no doubt increase. One thing that will likely remain stable, however, is the staunchly loyal customer base that Catalina has enjoyed practically from the outset.

Today, Catalina remains one of the major builders of production sailboats, and we're now as well known for our line of full-size, go-anywhere, systems-rich cruising yachts as we are for the entry-level boats that helped launch the brand. For 2009, the Catalina catalog lists 21 models, ranging in size from the tiny 8-foot Sabot dinghy to the oceangoing 47-foot Catalina 470, with a vast selection covering all the bases in between.

Going forward, our plans are to remain a reliable, solid force in the sailboat-building arena. As we strengthen our growing Florida base, we will increase our staff, and continue to design and produce our ever-evolving line of quality sailboats.

Here at Catalina, we are always seeking ways to build boats that are stronger, safer and smarter. Our attention to every detail maintains owner loyalty. It's time to take a closer look at Catalina. You'll like what you see, and with safety always our #1 priority, you're bound to feel really good about what you don't.

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Catalina Yachts • 21200 Victory Boulevard • Woodland Hills, California 91367 • Phone 818 884-7700
Catalina Yachts Florida • 7200 Bryan Dairy Rd • Largo, FL 33777 • Phone 727-544-6681

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