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Air shoes Max NIKE published in 1987, marked the beginning of the visible technology. Since then, improved basis each generation Air Max sneakers before, provides stronger shock, also highlights the increasingly strong innovation ability. cheap air max 95 Finally, the revolution achieved satisfactorily by Air Max 360, this is the first double no midsole foam shoes. Air is also based on this new Max unit, NIKE shoe designer Andrew Caine inspired, create the revolutionary Air Max180 shoes.
When it comes to running shoes, the most important is the sole have good cushioning to minimize the impact of the damage caused by. Nike Air Max running shoes, sole is made by air. cheap nike air max Andrew tried to revolutionary technology of the application of Air Max 360 running shoes in Air Max 180. Through the close cooperation with the shoe product development division of Hans Guenther, Andrew carefully studied the whole palm cushion, and determine what shall be in the parts of the air cushion is divided into two parts, so as to give the Air Max180 a bubble without heel.
Through the design of the Air Max 180 running shoes, Andrew hopes to Nike air cushion shoes constantly continue. He made a careful study of the previous sections of the Air Max sports shoes, has been clear about the key elements of this series of sports shoes, and then began to sketch, to design a innovative work. Through the use of lining, Andrew not only for new non foam Max 180 running shoes builds the framework, and provides the powerful support for the sole and heel. While this approach in the Air Max series products are also quite common.nike air max Flex grooves through the design of sports shoes forefoot region, shoe has been strengthened, while also showing a dynamic aesthetic feeling.
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